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Win32::GUI is a Win32-platform native graphical user interface toolkit for perl. Basically, it's an XS implementation of most of the functions found in user32.dll and gdi32.dll, with an object oriented perl interface and an event-based dialog model.


Latest Release

The latest release is v1.06, and was released on February 13th, 2008.

If you want to build Win32::GUI from source, then instructions are included in the README file in the documentation.

Downloading previous versions

Both source and PPM distributions of all previous releases are available from SourceForge. Some previous source distributions are available at CPAN.

PPM Repositories

The V1.03 release for ActivePerl 5.8 is available from the ActiveState repository (ppm install Win32-GUI from your cmd shell). At the time of writing the V1.06 release is not, although it should propogate there eventually. The ActivePerl 5.6 PPM is not available from the ActiveStae repository. PPM distributions are also available from the Bribes repository.

Project News

Here are the lastest items of project news.

The full feed is available on the project's news page. You can submit articles from the same place. See the orange XML buttons on the right to subscribe to this feed.


The Win32::GUI project performs all it's support and development via email. There are three mailing lists used, hosted by SourceForge. You need to subscribe to the list before you can sent messages and receive messages from it, but you do not need to have a SourceForge account in order to do this. None of the lists are high volume.

Although there are no formal rules for messages sent to the list, common courtesy is expected, and it is highly recommended to at least skim How To Ask Questions The Smart Way, if you are not used to asking for help in public. Please note that the authors of that document ask that you be reminded that they are not a help-desk for Win32::GUI - that is what the mailing lists mentioned here are for.

The Win32::GUI Users List

The users list ( is primarily dedicated to answering questions from users of the Win32::GUI module. If you have a question about how to do something, or think that you might have found a bug, then this is probably the right place to start asking questions. Please check the documentation and search the list archives first, to try to avoid asking a question that we already answered last week.

The Win32::GUI Hackers List

The hackers list ( is where the developers of the Win32::GUI module itself hang out. If you are having trouble building the module from it's source, or have a question about the internals of Win32::GUI, then this is the place to ask. You are also encouraged to post any patches to this list, so that they get archived.

The Win32::GUI CVS Commit List

The CVS commit list is a read-only list that the CVS server (the sourcecode version control repository) send notifications whenever new code is committed to the repository. If you are interested in tracking details of the changes being made, then this is the list for you. Replies to messages sent to this list are set to the Hackers list, so make sure you are subscribed there too.

List Archives

Searchable archives of the mailing list messages are maintained by SourceForge, who also host the lists. Unfortunately the SourceForge list archive search capability is often not working, and so a second archive is maintained by The Mail Archive. Links to both can be found above. The Mail archive also holds a copy of the mailing list that was used before the Win32::GUI project was moved to SourceForge. You can find this archive here:

Recent List Messages


Reporting Bugs and Requesting New Features

Finally, there are two 'trackers', also maintained by SourceForge. If you think you have found a bug, or wish to request a new feature then your are requested to discuss it on the Win32::GUI Users mailing list before doing anything else. If you do not receive a response from the list, then please raise a 'tracker' describing your problem/request. You may be aaked on the list to raise a tracker for your item - this is not because we are too lazy to raise them ourselves, but because then you will get visibility of the progress of the item. If you have a SourceForge account, then please login before raising a tracker, so that you are associated with the item, and we can contact you for further information.

If you don't have a SourceForge account, then you don't need one to submit a request, but if you don't provide some way for us to contact you in the report itself, we may have no option but to close the item, unresolveed, if we don't have enough information.